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29-Sep-2017 07:00

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Updating trueos-base repository catalogue...trueos-base repository is up-to-date. if so, try the following steps; 1: sudo pkg clean -a2: sudo pkg update -f3. STABLE Desktop environment: Lumina X11 Driver:.........nvidia_nv_vesa_OSS Driver:.........pcm1: (play) default WIFI Driver:........ xhost-1.0.7 (9 Ki B: 0.00% of the 427 Mi B to download) sysadm-201702011813 (301 Ki B: 0.07% of the 427 Mi B to download) ja-fcitx-mozc-2.20.2677.102.02_1 (256 Ki B: 0.06% of the 427 Mi B to download) protobuf-3.2.0 (2 Mi B: 0.49% of the 427 Mi B to download) ja-mozc-tool-2.20.2677.102.02_1 (656 Ki B: 0.15% of the 427 Mi B to download) ja-tegaki-zinnia-japanese-0.3 (12 Mi B: 2.77% of the 427 Mi B to download) ja-zinnia-0.06_1 (106 Ki B: 0.02% of the 427 Mi B to download) ja-mozc-server-2.20.2677.102.02_1 (13 Mi B: 3.05% of the 427 Mi B to download) Number of packages to be fetched: 403 The process will require 427 Mi B more space. pkg-static: Not Found I don't know if it is related but my updates are failing too. ~% sudo pc-updatemanager pkgupdate Boot-strapping updater... FAILED Fetch Checking for updates to ports-mgmt/pkg.. Thanks is anyone still having issues with mismatch errors on STABLE? Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5504 @ 2.00GHz CPU cores:..........4 Memory (free/avail):3912 / 6144 Mb Package set:........ There are many applications one might want to use on an Open BSD system.To make this software easier to install and manage, it is ported to Open BSD and packaged.pc-updatemanager: Thu Feb 23 CST 2017 Checking for updates to ports-mgmt/pkg.. True OS-Desktop-201702011813 Arch:...............amd64 Kernel ident:....... Verifying / fetching packages for ports-mgmt/pkg - pkg-1.9.4_1Verifying / fetching packages for misc/trueos-desktop - trueos-desktop-201702011813Failed downloading misc/trueos-desktop with: /usr/local/sbin/pkg-static fetch -d -y misc/trueos-desktop$ sudo /usr/local/sbin/pkg-static fetch -d -y misc/trueos-desktop Updating trueos-base repository catalogue... Updating trueos-major repository catalogue...trueos-major repository is up-to-date. sudo pc-updatemanager pkgcheck this should get us back in sync /___/ ____//____/ General info: Host:...............duckyserv User:...............travis Uptime:............. Free BSD kernel ver:.12.0-CURRENT Free BSD world ver:..12.0-CURRENT Free BSD git branch:.drm-next Free BSD git rev:....27d3221 True OS ver:......... The following packages will be fetched: New packages to be FETCHED: trueos-desktop-201702011813 (49 Mi B: 11.48% of the 427 Mi B to download) xorg-minimal-7.5.2_1 (832 B: 0.00% of the 427 Mi B to download) xinit-1.3.4,1 (14 Ki B: 0.00% of the 427 Mi B to download) .... Cleaning old pkg upgrade cache...fetch: transfer timed outfetch: /usr/local/pkg-cache/appears to be truncated: 0/3410140 bytes ERROR: Failed downloading I am running stable branch. I was obviously fixated on the boot strapper and I should have paid more attention to the fetch that failed.

Binary packages for -release and -stable are not updated.So previously I'd been suffering from fetch failing to download files from the cdn, though fetch would download files from other sites just fine. On suggestion from @Rod Myers I rolled back to a previous boot environment, and now fetching works.... but it fails on verification: sudo pc-updatemanager pkgupdate Boot-strapping updater... Packages can be easily managed with the help of several utilities: In order to run properly, application X may require that other applications Y and Z be installed.

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Application X is said to be dependent on these other applications, which is why Y and Z are called dependencies of X. This will, among other things, prevent the dependencies of a package from being deleted before the package itself has been deleted.The pkg_add(1) utility is used to install packages.

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