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) at the Longaberger basket factory in Newark, OH; farther up the road, weave a smaller one at the Longaberger Homestead. In Millersburg, OH, roads often have more buggies than cars.Cruise County-77 and State-557 for shops selling candles, quilts, and baskets as well as cheeses and jams.Nowadays you can see fluorescent minerals, Native American artifacts, and dinosaur tracks.82 miles: Once you reach Bryce Canyon National Park, take advantage of the easy trails leading down into the canyon, then walk among the countless rows of towering but delicate red rock spires.After, grab an elk burger and a slice of sour cream raisin pie at Bryce Canyon Pines.The Red Rock Adventure: Arizona & Utah Isolated and rugged, the stunning peaks and canyons were made for cowboy flicks and you outdoorsy types. Sedona, AZ, a mix of red rock formations, evergreens, and endless blue sky, is an OMG waiting to happen.Take a Zen-like hike around Bell Rock; New Agers say it's the site of a strong vortex—a swirling of spiritual energy that causes juniper trees to twist and, perhaps, profound or magical things to happen. Because Native Americans settled the area, it's a great spot to check out their ancient hilltop and cliffside dwellings, too; see pictographs and ruins at Palatki Heritage Site.In Shelbyville, KY, the former headquarters of Kentucky Fried Chicken is now a restaurant started by the Colonel's wife. 22 miles: In Frankfort, KY, the more than 200-year-old Buffalo Trace Distillery offers tours (cool even to teetotalers and juniors) and tastes (not for the driver!! 79 miles: Your next overnight: Cincinnati, a town with terrific museums.

Don't miss the phenomenal bologna sandwiches at Troyer's Genuine Trail Bologna, where they've been serving a special recipe since 1912.Fuel up on mesquite dry-rub wings or homemade sausage at Momma's Mustard, Pickles & BBQ, and don't leave without at least bourbon.

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