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21-Jul-2017 08:06

Finally, we pulled ourselves together and decided to get away for a few days.We learned about a beautiful Newport Beach hotel we'd never heard of, and just got in the car and drove.My mother has enjoyed almost 50 years of wedded bliss as the result of two ceremonies that probably cost less than 0 combined. There's only been one big wedding in my family, and I still don't know what the hell everyone was thinking.

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Clearly, when it comes to weddings, there's no correlation between what you spend and what you get.He kept vigil in the living room, while the sounds of baseball drifted into my bedroom on the ocean breeze. And now, whenever I think of baseball, I feel like nothing bad can happen to me. But unless I can personally tell it to everyone who receives a wedding invitation to a stadium, I'm going to seem like the sad superfan who paints himself blue and passes out drunk in the parking lot. And the only idea I liked after that one involved getting married in the morning, so we could have pancakes.But I lost interest in that when I realized how early I'd have to get up.No wedding talk, no decisions, no figuring anything out.

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The only thing we were planning was to get drunk as soon as possible.I know it's been almost impossible for my fiancé and me.